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Get Involved

Everyone is welcome to be part of our Plenty community, and we hope you'll join us in whichever way you feel comfortable.

Book Clubs

Are you looking for a book club to join? We currently host a Silent Book Club, and then teen, personal growth, fiction, non-fiction, romance, and fantasy book clubs. We even have a book club where members don't need to read the same  book, but instead bring books they love to share. You can find our current book club listing here.

We're also happy to partner with Books & Brews CKVL and Powered by Her's book clubs.


Plenty of Events

In our first (almost) full year we hosted 318 events! From author signings to writing groups, storytime to poetry nights, we have a LOT going on. Meet new people. Hear your favorite authors speak. Discover new authors. Become an author yourself. There's something for everyone. Check out our calendar here!

Are you an author who would like to visit the shop? Drop us a line below or get more information here


Plenty Literacy Alliance

If you'd like to contribute financially, there's no better way than to join our Plenty Literacy Alliance. The Plenty Literacy Alliance represents a coalition of individuals united by a shared vision, pooling their donations to create a more significant impact than any one person could achieve alone. This is a great opportunity for community members eager to support Plenty's mission but uncertain where to begin or unable to make additional time commitments.


Volunteer With Plenty

Are you interested in volunteer opportunities with Plenty? We have many, from working in the store to helping build and support our upcoming little free library network. Drop us a line below to state your interest!


Shop Independent

Even if you can't make it into the store, you can support Plenty Downtown Bookshop by choosing to use or instead of that massive online retailer. By choosing these sites, Plenty will still receive a portion of the sales, helping the bookshop thrive in our local community.

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