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Volunteer with plenty

There are many different ways you can get involved and volunteer with Plenty. These are just a few ways, and if any of these ideas sound good, or you have an idea or two of your own, just fill out the form below.

Read at Storytime

Help build the next generation of readers, by volunteering at storytime, held Mondays and Saturdays. Stop by the store and speak with a bookseller or drop us a note below.

Build Something

Specifically, build some little free libraries. Our first set have been built by the Leadership Putnam team, but our goal is 40 scattered within the region. We're also going to be looking for caretakers to keep these libraries full.

Teach a Class

Do you have an unique skill you could share in a class or two? Feel free to contact us about hosting a workshop. We're also looking for teachers for an adult literacy course.

Read & Review

Do you love reading and writing book reviews? We'd love to share them on this site and on the Nashville Book Review. After all, books are at the heart of what we do.

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